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Anyone Can Climb Face,

...but it takes flexibility, technique and subtlety to climb crack.

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I have been climbing cracks for about a year now, making the 400km round trip out to Frog about once a week.
The early planning stage for the crack

For a while I have been wanting to have something at home just to stand in and maybe take a few steps up and down. The idea of an artificial hand crack seemed pretty simple.

This is my first drawing of the idea.

During the discussions on what types of materials would be needed, the plank thickness and flex were a bit of a concern. Imagine starting off in a finger crack, then as the wood flexed, you could go to hand then fist then pop out. This wouldn't be too much fun.

I searched the net for any plans for cracks, but found only heaps of normal climbing walls. Seems like I stumbled onto a niche market.

Typing "hand crack" into the search engine didn't come out as bad as I thought it might. Start out looking for climbing walls and end up in some super hard-core porn site. Although looking at the key words for this site, I think I might be getting a few disappointed porn fiends checking it out. "What the hell is this? Where are all the naked chicks?"

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